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Brochure & Asset Creation

Mazda CX-3 Brochure

My time at the Garage has given me the pleasure of being part of creating Mazda’s lineup of brochures. Each year, we challenge ourselves to re-evaluate the current visual identity and find ways to push it to the next level of elevating the brand.


Below is the Mazda CX-3 brochure. One of my favs of the many brochures I’ve worked on. The work consists of working with strategy, studying the product guide book, and working closely with the car designers to understand the thinking behind the making of the product. This allowed us to put together a succinct story-line while highlighting the main features of the car. And, true to our client’s ‘detail perfect’ proposition, we carefully considered every aspect of the production and the book included a combination of specialist papers and multiple printing processes.


Role: Art Director



In addition to crafting a story for the brochures, we also worked with photographers to create assets to help support the stories. All assets were utilized throughout all media (print, emails, social, digital, PR).

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