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Mazda CX-9 - Facebook Instant Experiences

Utilizing Facebook’s Instant Experiences Ad unit, we developed a deep dive experience for the launch of the Mazda CX-9. This unit was special as we created a 3-in-1 unit. With UX combined with Art Direction we were able to create a concise story line and seamless user experience. We used swipe through carousels and tilt to pan to keep the consumers engaged. The unit was such a success, the client ran it multiple times throughout the year.


Role: Art Director, UX


We also created a couple of cinemagraphs to help illustrate the main features of the Mazda CX-9. We loved the magic it brought into the still photography.

User Flow


Facebook Carousel

Videos were utilized in Facebook’s Carousel unit to demonstrate the safety feature for Mazda CX-9.


Facebook Photo Link Post

And curated content for Facebook’s Photo Link posts.


Instagram Content

And also curated content for posts in Instagram.

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